Ifriends webcam sex chat – Review of Ifriends.net

Many webcam fans have heard of the Ifriends.net website because it was a very popular webcam streaming service at one point. It is still a great site, but by the complaints of its users, I would say that it can be compared to what it used to be. Of course, you be the judge, I personally enjoyed the site as much as any other. Webcam sites usually follow a pattern so it’s not as easy to distinguish one from another. There are few differences other than the models themselves.

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Ifriends is praised for its huge variety of webcam girls. It has loads of women of every shape and size that you can imagine. Some are young and some are old, but be sure that you’ll find whatever you are looking for. A recent issue with the site is that a lot of the models went to work to other webcam sites for some reason. There were a lot more pornstars doing webcam shows and private shows earlier which made the content of the site’s models unique and interesting, but there aren’t a lot of them left on the site. Although some of the models have left the site, you still have thousands of others that are performing on live chat sessions.

A great thing about Ifriends.net is the fact that it’s developers constantly keep updating the features and in-chat apps. This is because it was a huge site at one point. This constant flow of updates means that you will always have something new to experience and you won’t be bored. Different apps for tipping allow you to get more attention from your favorite camgirl.

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Also, a great thing about Ifriends is that most models use high definition webcams. This means that you won’t be bothered by fuzzy low quality feeds and you will be able to enjoy a show in the best quality possible. This is something that is definitely lacking in most webcam sites. It’s a real turnoff when you find a babe that you go crazy for, only to discover that her camera has the video quality of a potato. When you have the opposite situation, it is much easier to enjoy a live show featuring one of these babes.

Overall, the site is pretty fun to use, although it is lacking in some points. You do get to visit it for free and watch as a non paying user, but this limits you immensely. You cannot interact with the models via chat unless you are a paying visitor. It’s not that expensive but some of the models really charge a lot for their chat sessions.

One of the best parts of Ifriends is their MILF category. The MILF section has over 600 models doing everything they’re not supposed to be doing! Most of these mommies are over 30 years of age, and if that isn’t enough for you, you have the mature section that has about 90 MILF over the age of 50. If this is what you’re looking for you will find it easy to get off on Ifriends.net for sure!

Almost all of these delicious webcam MILFs have a tendency to wear hot revealing lingerie and stockings, and if you’re anything like me, you will find this as a big plus. These mommies are kinky, fun, and most importantly, they’re intelligent. They will find out what you like and they will do their best to make you hard and satisfied. A private chat with one of these moms may be the most steamy moment of your life! You will find a lot of what you like, and they will go to distant lengths to please you. Whether you’re into anal, bondage, deepthroat, you name it, these moms are more than willing to do it for the right amount of tips!

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Although some say that Ifriends.net has lost its former glory, I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t set aside a few bucks and try it out. You can cancel your account at any time if you find yourself unsatisfied. I just advise you to take a look at your minutes spent on a session because these babes will definitely make your time go by fast and you won’t even notice it!